Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mikey, They Like Us!

With the way things are sounding lately, I think Raul might have a brother who he will pass the throne to and he is even worse (so I hear). That might not be so far away being that "Castro's younger brother" is 75 years old. :0

Castro has mentioned when his health finally fails him- "I'll call the (Communist) Party and tell them I don't feel I'm in condition ... that please, someone take over the command."

I can see the commercials now, 555-CMST. Call now and for a limited time receive Cuba bundled with a Category Five Hurricane. (While Supplies Last, Offer not valid in U.S. Virgin Islands)

Anyway, say miracles can happen, the U.S. would encourage Cuba to become a democracy.

WASHINGTON - The United States has big plans for Cuba once Fidel Castro is gone for good. The administration is prepared to assist a pro-democracy transition government in Cuba — assuming one materializes in the aftermath of communist rule.

Just how far the administration is willing to go in support of a democratic outcome was underscored in an official document made public just three weeks before Castro, citing an intestinal ailment, relinquished power to his younger brother, Raul.

The document was written by the Commission for Assistance for a Free Cuba, appointed by President Bush
and chaired by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. It was a follow-up to a similar report issued two years ago.

The two reports, neither of which have received much attention, focus on the tasks that the commission believes United States should address in the post-Castro era, so long as Cuban authorities are agreeable.

Very little about Cuba's presumed needs escaped the commission's gaze. As the panel sees it, the administration should "assist with garbage trucks" to ensure proper trash collection and disposal and water trucks to help thirsty communities. The aid program also should provide "soap, disinfectant, and cleaning materials to vulnerable groups." In addition, Uncle Sam's envoys should be on hand to suggest options if food prices on the island spiral out of control.


(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)