Sunday, August 06, 2006

Judge Sets Killer Free

Location: None other than Los Angeles.

"You killed a boy...but ima gonna... set you free."

What a blow this is to the family of the victim. No life needs to be given a price. Obviously for this judge his was only worth 21 years.

"A convicted killer is set to be released from prison after a judge ruled his rights had been violated because he was continuously denied parole.

On Thursday, the state Supreme Court declined to review an appeal by the California attorney general's office, paving the way for Robert Rosenkrantz's release. Earlier this year, the lower court judge had said the state violated Rosenkrantz's rights because his sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole turned into a sentence without that possibility.

Rosenkrantz, now 39, of Calabasas was imprisoned for the 1985 slaying of his boyhood friend who had revealed Rosenkrantz was gay. Rosenkrantz testified during his trial that he intended to shoot up Redman's car, but killed his friend when he used an anti-gay slur."