Saturday, February 04, 2006

Experts: Hype Moderated Worm

My take: With all the knowledge these worm creators have (in the computer sector), why don't they go into a business and make money. I guess that would be stupid? I guess.

Companies and individuals heeded this week's warning — some may call it "hype" — about a file-destroying computer worm known as "Kama Sutra," helping minimize its damage Friday, security experts said.

One Italian city shut down its computers as a precaution, but otherwise the worm's trigger date arrived with relatively few reports of problems.

For days, experts warned that the worm could corrupt documents using the most common file types, including ".doc," ".pdf," and ".zip." It affects most versions of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system, prompting the software giant to issue a warning Tuesday.

Hundreds of thousands of computers were believed to be infected, but security vendors say many companies and individuals had time to clean up their machines following the alarm, carried by scores of media outlets including The Associated Press.

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