Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pantano charges dropped

RALEIGH, N.C. May 26, 2005 — A former Wall Street trader who rejoined the Marines after the Sept. 11 attacks will not be tried on murder charges for killing two suspected Iraqi insurgents, a Marine general decided Thursday.

The decision by Maj. Gen. Richard Huck, commander of the 2nd Marine Division based at Camp Lejeune, ends the prosecution of 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano, whom prosecutors accused of killing the men without justification.

"Down at the unit level, there was never a question about Ilario's conduct and whether or not he did the right thing," Charles Gittins, Pantano's civilian lawyer, said. "It was up in the higher echelons. The people removed from combat situations needed to put more trust in their officers rather than assuming they're guilty."


Michelle Malkin said it best: "God bless him."

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Piracy Crackdown

Steamrollers crush confiscated pirated CDs, VCDs, and DVDs at the Philippine National Police headquarters in Manila. Rampant software piracy persists in the Philippines, costing vendors 69 million dollars in lost revenue last year, an industry association said. Pirated software accounted for 71 percent of sales in 2004, down one percentage point from the previous year, the Business Software Alliance said in a statement. Software vendors' losses however rose 14 million dollars over 2003 to 69 million dollars.



Thats an awful lot of pirated stuff!

Related Stories: Feds Shut Web Site in Piracy Crackdown

WASHINGTON -- Federal raiders. Internet pirates. Intergalactic screen adventures. The government announced a crackdown Wednesday on the theft of movies and other copyright materials that has the elements of a film plot. Federal agents shut down a Web site that they said allowed people to download the new Stars War movie even before it was shown in theaters.

The Elite Torrents site was engaging in high-tech piracy by letting people download copies of movies and other copyright material for free, authorities said. The action was the first criminal enforcement against individuals who are using cutting-edge BitTorrent software to obtain pirated content online, Justice and Homeland Security Department officials said.

[My take] I don't understand why you would download any movies online. I like being able to say "I saw Star-Wars in the theater!"

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Yes, I am now 14 years old.

Here is a picture of me from a while back. :)

Now go ahead and say it...

"This kid is a loser, he just wished himself a happy birthday on his blog!"


Monday, May 23, 2005

Newsweek limits anonymous sources

"The day America died?"

NEW YORK (AP) - Newsweek has announced plans to limit the magazine's use of anonymous sources following a scandal in which one of its stories was blamed for deadly protests in Afghanistan. In a letter to readers appearing in Monday's edition, Newsweek Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Richard Smith apologized for the original report and said the magazine will raise standards for unnamed sources.

Two of the magazine's top editors will be assigned sole responsibility for approving the use of such sources, and the magazine will stop using the phrase "sources said" to attribute information in stories, Smith said. "We got an important story wrong, and honor requires us to admit our mistake and redouble our efforts to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again," he wrote.


I'm not so sure that was a good move Newsweek. How many stories were from "anonymous sources?" I understand you are trying to improve quality and don't want mistakes, but now your magazine is going to be mighty thin. :/

Malachy Joyce is on this one. Check out this disgraceful cover of Newsweek's Japanese version. (February 2005)

(UPDATE- silly me forgot to link him)

-As you can see, the cover story shows an American flag, dirtied and tossed in a trash can, its staff snapped in two. The large white text reads, "Amerika ga shinda hi", which translates to "The day America died."


-Aaron's cc

Thursday, May 19, 2005

HundredPercenter Offline

I will be waiting to see those "Breaking News" gifs again, Malachy.

Family does come first, but you will surely be missed. Some might remember, recently HundredPercenter celebrated its 1 year anniversary.

"Due to my laborious business & family schedule, I have found it extremely difficult to maintain HundredPercenter, without making sacrifices. Unfortunately, effective immediately, HundredPercenter's News website will be going offline. Over the last year, I had lots of fun maintaining HP and being a part, albeit small part, of the blogosphere.

Moreover, I have found it nearly impossible to maintain my 12 hour work days, managing other people's money, and find enough time (without it feeling like a chore) to update HP. So, I am electing to shut it down, instead of keeping it alive and have the quality of the site's content spiral down.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Moderate Blogging

The posts will be down to a minimum as I work on my weather website.

[Link will be added when I am done]

Monday, May 16, 2005

Medieval Times

I almost forgot to post my pictures from Medieval Times!

Let me tell you, this place is awesome. The only thing I had a problem with...was my guy getting betrayed. Yes, it figures the "Black and White" horse we were representing, was betrayed at the end.

Click image to enlarge

The "Torture Chamber" wasn't that bad. I mean look at this little thing, its called Neck Breaker.

Click image to enlarge

The food was good...except for no utensils. Imagine "drinking" soup. Thats pretty much what you had to do. Then we got an enormous amount of chicken. The only "modern" food...was the chocolate chip cookie that melted in your mouth. :)
On the way back, we found a shop called Shell World.

No, I don't have pictures from inside the shop because it just has shells, hence the name. What I did take pictures of, are the creative vehicles covered in shells outside the building.

1st picture:
The Volkswagon
- Click image to enlarge

Care for the back view?

2nd picture:
The Golf Cart

- Click image to enlarge

Pretty cool stuff...

Friday, May 13, 2005

Don't call them "borders"

This is disgusting. I don't know what to think about our government anymore. Why call them borders if your allowing illegals to pass freely. I am beginning to think only another terrorist attack will make the borders an "important" issue in Washington.

U.S. Border Patrol agents have been ordered not to arrest illegal aliens along the section of the Arizona border where protesters patrolled last month because an increase in apprehensions there would prove the effectiveness of Minuteman volunteers, The Washington Times has learned.

"It was clear to everyone here what was being said and why," said one veteran agent. "The apprehensions were not to increase after the Minuteman volunteers left. It was as simple as that."


Hat Tip: HundredPercenter

Pure luck

EL PASO, Texas (AP) - It was a 17-million-to-1 shot - actually shots - when an El Paso man and a player in his group each aced the same hole. Randy Massey hit his first ever hole-in-one with an 8-iron from 130 yards on the eighth hole at Painted Dunes Desert Golf Course.

Then his stepmother, Terri Massey, followed with her first ace. According to Golf Digest magazine, the odds of two players in a foursome acing the same hole are 17 million to 1. Everyone saw Randy Massey's shot go in, but they didn't realize Terri Massey's shot also went in until they reached the green and saw two golf balls in the cup.


Thats pretty amazing.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tired of Politics?

HundredPercenter has just completed a study analyzing monthly web traffic of 100 websites, big, small, political, non-political, conservative and liberal-- from November 2004 to April 2005. For most political blogs, the October-November months were their strongest, due to the elections. However, since then, many political blogs have experienced dramatic traffic decreases, while non-political blogs have enjoyed a boon.

I have to say even I got tired of politics for a while. A 17.7% drop in traffic means a handful of others felt the same way.

Check out the list, charts, and categorized blogs here.

Huffington's Toast


"Delivering Liberally Buttered Toast and Jam since May 11th, 2005"

Hat Tip: Allah

I'm still here!

Yes, I know I haven't blogged in what...6 DAYS!!

To tell you the truth, I enjoyed the break. During those days I

Went to the beach,

Watched a couple movies,

And just hung out with the family.

I recommend the movie "National Treasure." Pretty sweet stuff but the whole "stealing the Declaration of Independance thing" is not realistic.

"Fat Albert" is alright. What I mean by that was worth the $3.99 on Dish Network PPV.

Regular blogging will resume later tomorrow as I have one more place to go. [I'll tell you what it is tomorrow...and I might have pictures too]

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Rumors grow, School responds...

"Regrettably, it seems our society is in an environment where ignoring something can be just as consequential as reacting to an issue."

-Main part- click to enlarge

Whole Release

The talk around campus is a possible "gun-fight." I'm not going to take a chance. I might sit outside and get some sun, since for the first day in a will be sunny.

Channel 9 WFTV was already trying to track down my principal when the bell rang. Expect an update soon.

UPDATE- The principal of Galaxy Middle School in Deltona is sending letters home to parents after threats and rumors of violence. It's the second time this week the letters went home.

There were rumors about guns and shootings on Tuesday. More of those rumors are going around about Friday. The principal said there is no truth to any of it, but some parents aren't taking a chance.

It was actually a blog (also know as a weblog), not an email, that, though badly worded and misspelled, clearly talked about people bringing guns to school on Tuesday and shooting anyone that got in the way.

The principal said the blog was a hoax to give kids an excuse to skip school Tuesday.

Attucks said he's gotten more information from his kids than he has from the principal, so he's keeping his kids home.

"Through the individual commitment of all, our students will graduate with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be successful contributors to our democratic society." [Vision Statement, approved April 14, 1992]

British Election

Blair set for third term as Lib Dems advance

TONY BLAIR is heading for a third term with a three-figure majority but potentially the lowest share of the popular vote for any governing party in modern times, a Populus poll for The Times suggests today.

For the latest here or for even here

2 Blasts at British Consulate

UPDATE 7/7/05- Are you looking for the London Terrorist Attack? Click here to be re-directed.


NEW YORK (AP) - Two small makeshift grenade exploded outside the British Consulate early Thursday, causing slight damage to the building but injuring no one, officials said.

The blasts occurred at 3:50 a.m. and originated inside a cement flower box outside the consulate in midtown Manhattan, said police department spokesman Noel Waters.

Police said the devices were both toy grenades that had been altered to explode by the addition of black gunpowder. Police made the conclusion after piecing together the shrapnel.


This is London...

Maybe if I told you Tony Blair was going to win the election you'd feel better!

No more booty

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - Texas lawmakers sent a message to the state's high school cheerleaders on Wednesday: no more booty-shaking at the game.

The state's House of Representatives voted 85-55 to approve a bill that would forbid sexy cheers and give the Texas Education Agency authority to punish schools that allow "overtly sexually suggestive" routines at football games and other events. The proposal must go to the Texas Senate for consideration.


My Point exactly: "I think the Texas Education Agency has enough to do making sure our kids are better educated, and we are wasting our time with 'one two three four, we can't shake it any more?'" Democratic state Rep. Senfronia Thompson told legislators.

I can't believe this legislation is going to pass. Completely a waste of time.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Super Grocery Carts?

I like most of the new technology coming out...
(AP Photo/Steven Senne)
Click image to enlarge...

But these shopping carts scare me. I'm a fan of new technology...but when it comes to getting food...I like the old fashion way.

CHICAGO (AP) - New supermarket carts equipped with touch screens will guide you to the tomatoes or toothpicks, let you order deli meat without standing in line and keep a running tally of your purchases.

What they won't do is tell you how many fat grams or calories are in your cart. The idea is to make it easier for consumers to buy, not induce second thoughts that maybe you should put something back on the shelf.

The touch-screen devices are on display at the supermarket industry's annual convention, being held this week in Chicago by the Food Marketing Institute.

Want to know when this super cart will be released? Read on...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Judge Greer to be...

Honored, as a part of law week.

[Photo: St. Petersburg Times-Scott Keeler]

Pinellas County, FL-

Circuit Judge George Greer, who was thrust into the national spotlight and scrutinized by pro-life advocates during the Terri Schiavo case, was a consistent judge who followed the law, colleagues say.

His professionalism and integrity was punctuated by the way he handled the Schiavo case, said Alan Scott Miller, a New Port Richey lawyer and member of the West Pasco Bar Association. As part of Law Week, which kicks off today, the association will award Greer, 63, its Special Justice Award. [More...]

My local morning show host Pat Campbell says it great:

"Get me a bucket I'm going to puke!"

Man pleads his life to Bush and others

Another day another hostage taking. This one is an Australian man named Douglas Wood who has recently made his home in Danville, CA. A group calling itself 'The Shura Council of the Mujahedeen of Iraq' claimed the abduction.

The Jawa Report has a transcript- and video


Australia Responds: NO hostage negotiations

Australian Prime Minister John Howard said on Monday morning this was a moment he had dreaded, but there would be no change in his government's stance. "Everybody knows the position of the Australian government in relation to hostage demands," Howard told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio on Monday.

The terrorists won't get what they want here. What happens to Douglas? We can't begin to imagine. These people don't care about any human life...all you can do is pray. Pray we don't have another video in a week with Mr. Wood being executed. However, what you cannot do, is look down upon the Australian government for not reacting. Giving in to the terrorists will only make them stronger. Therefore, the Australian government's 'hands are tied.'

Monday, May 02, 2005

Who Should Replace Paula?

The guys at Dummocrats are helping FOX pick the replacement for Paula Abdul!

Go on and check out the list. And by list...I mean list ;)


Paris Hilton

"That's hot" is annoying, but at least they are real words, which is more than you can say for Randy's catchphrases.

Wal-Mart tries to censor website

Press Release...

-Daniel Papasian

The act of parody was no doubt political; it was not the use of copyrighted materials that threatened Wal-Mart, but rather the more radical implications that challenged the position of Wal-Mart within our society. The parody website caused people to question the power of Wal-Mart, global trade, and global capital in general.The United States still recognizes the right of free speech, so Wal-Mart couldn't attack me for my criticism.

Instead, Wal-Mart's high-powered attorneys went after me (Daniel) for copyright violation, threatening the host of my website with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Here is a copy of the cease and desist notice that was sent to the collective hosting my content, their ISP, and their upstream provider. It was sent by an authorized agent of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


About the Fair use copyright law

-Fair use makes copyrighted work available to the public as raw material without the need for permission or clearance, so long as such free usage serves the purpose of copyright law.

-Producers or creators of parodies of a copyrighted work have been sued for infringement by the targets of their ridicule


Other websites against Wal-Mart:

Wal-Mart Watch and Wake Up Wal-Mart

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Albany drivers get around

Story #1: Mistake sends driver crashing into house

-Capital News 9/TV

A careless mistake sent an Albany driver crashing into a townhouse. The accident happened a little after 11 a.m. Saturday on Lark Drive in Albany. Police said the driver wasn't hurt, but the building was heavily damaged. The woman drove into the home's utility line, so fire crews immediately turned off the home's power and gas. Investigators said the woman simply made a mistake.


Story #2: Woman crashes into bank

-Capital News 9/TV

Sheriff's deputies are investigating how a woman crashed into the side of a bank. It happened around 11 a.m. Saturday in the parking lot of Glens Falls National Bank on Main Street in Warrensburg. Police said 75-year-old Leta Hayes was pulling into a parking spot when she hit the gas instead of the break. Hayes' Ford went up over the curb and struck the building.


Both of these incidents were around 11 a.m. Saturday. Two mistakes...sending two cars into buildings. Thats just too much of a coincidence for me.