Monday, February 28, 2005

Crossed the line?

WASHINGTON (AP) - A U.S. appeals panel on Tuesday challenged new federal rules requiring certain video devices to have technology to prevent copying digital television programs and distributing them over the Internet.

"It would permit entertainment companies to designate, or flag, programs to prevent viewers from copying shows or distributing them over the Internet." More..

(Photo CBS)

Do I think they crossed the line? Absolutely not...and in fact, I think they waited too long. This will effect bloggers in the long run if some programs are 'flagged' as they would/will be depending on the appeals courts ruling. Who knows...maybe CBS News will be flagged. It might help them from future trouble.
But we can still tell you about it.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Academy Awards

I wouldn't know what happened, because I turned on Independence Day. (It was on FOX)

No Chris Rock. I don't know if its just me...but the 'F' word doesn't have to be every 5th word out of someones mouth to be funny. (and 5th was being generous)

[NOTE] The poll is now over and the majority didn't watch the show. :)

Native Pow Wow

Yesterday, I was at the Deland YMCA's Native American Pow Wow! I'm glad I brought my camera because they had some awesome stuff.

^^ Mr. Chief Many Words--this man was created out of newspaper (hence the name Many Words)

^^This big guy was not for sale but is real.

-Click Image to Enlarge
^^ I liked the flags they had around the area.

More pictures and information on Native Culture here.

Good Buy?

I found this on ebay and since he is my favorite driver I am thinking about getting it.

This is a wired mouse I believe.

Its .99 cents, but don't forget $4.00 shipping. What do you think?

Friday, February 25, 2005

U.S. Jobs Going Overseas?

I am a little irritated this evening. My Aunt who worked for an Internet based company transcribing medical charts contacted her superior after two of her paychecks bounced and still no W2. She isn't too happy about her new situation. This is an excerpt of what her superior sent her “when folks like(company name) will only pay 8.5 cents a line and you figure what you get paid to transcribe plus any overhead for payroll services etc….you see why a strictly U.S. based transcription business is not long for this world. Only by substituting technology (speech recognition) and off shore labor for your hard work and knowledge can company’s stay”.

I don’t know about you, but shipping our jobs overseas isn’t cool.

More information on Outsourcing

Outsourcing U.S. Work Will Top 400,000 Jobs in 2004

Outsourcing of jobs overseas raises security concerns
This also reminds me of the other day at school. My friend Gavin was wearing a shirt that said in BIG blue letters on the back: 'MADE IN THE USA...AND PROUD OF IT,' but when you looked at the read: Made in Hungary. Boy I sure would be proud to wear that shirt. :/

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sorry Mike...I don't have a basement


Mike openly apologized on air and that should be accepted. He also posted something about this on his blog.

"I made the all-too-typical mistake of a broad, sweeping generalization. And I'm sorry. I should have used the word "many" in front of "are geeks cranking out crap in their basements." Because obviously many are not. Many bloggers are bright, articulate and completely accurate. In fact, the worst aspect of my mistake is the fact that so many bloggers are like-minded conservatives. I didn't need those hundreds of emails to remind me of the power of the blog in the CBS phony document scandal. I talked about it often on my show."

Blogworthy finishes story.

Bloggers are a bunch of "geeky losers in their basements cranking out crap on a computer" and that blogging provides "power for freak-shows to harass and destroy individuals."--Mike Gallagher on his radio show.

Personally I don't think any blog is 'crap,' but thats ok....and being 'geeky' isn't always bad!

Mr. Jeff Blogworthy has the scoop...and the audio. (skip to about 4 minutes 30 seconds)

Hat Tip: HundredPercenter

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My mom always says...'Save your pennies.'

I can imagine the buyer will either keep and admire it, or sell it for more. A penny for just about half a million is pretty good!

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - A copper penny minted in 1792 and kept in a tobacco tin for decades was auctioned Monday for $437,000. Anthony Terranova of New York City was the highest bidder, said Donn Pearlman, spokesman for Beverly Hills auction house Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles Inc. The penny's owners were descendants of Oliver Wolcott, the governor of Connecticut in the 1790s and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, according to auctioneer Ira Goldberg.


Hat Tip: HundredPercenter