Friday, December 23, 2005


Your eyes have not deceived you. France is working toward legalizing P2P file sharing. How about that. Goodbye ITunes, hello Paris!

France on track to legalize P2P downloading

PARIS (Hollywood Reporter) - France's lower house of parliament has voted to legalize peer-to-peer file-sharing of films and music on the Internet, unleashing a wave of protest from the country's film, audiovisual and music industry organizations.

If the measure passes in the upper house, France would become the first country to legalize peer-to-peer downloading at a time when most Western nations are battling to curb illegal downloading on the Internet. Introduced as two amendments to a government bill aimed at toughening digital copyright laws, the measure was approved by a vote of 30-28 at about midnight Wednesday, with very few of the National Assembly's 577 members present.

The amendments have recommended that Internet users pay a fixed-royalties fee of $8.50 per month -- in the form of a monthly subscription charge -- for unlimited downloading, thus legalizing all file-sharing deemed for personal use.

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