Sunday, December 04, 2005

One Million Frequent Flyer Miles

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - After two months of zig-zagging across Canada by plane, frequent flyer Marc Tacchi has reached his goal of accumulating one million miles of credits -- and become something of an Internet celebrity in the process. On his blog "The Great Canadian Mileage Run 2005," Tacchi reported on Wednesday that he had racked up 1,003,625 mileage points and spent 56 of the last 61 days in an airplane. "I myself need to get to bed in a prone position for some serious rest," he wrote.

The 30-year-old embarked on his venture using Air Canada's North America Unlimited Pass -- a C$7,000 ticket that allowed passengers limitless travel within the continent between October 1 and November 30. Frequent fliers programs, like Air Canada's Aeroplan, are designed to promote customer loyalty by allowing people to upgrade to better seats or book free flights in the future "I just sort of moved it to a new level," Tacchi joked in an interview last week at the Vancouver International Airport before boarding another airplane.

A typical day would start with a 10 a.m. flight to Victoria, British Columbia, about 70 km (45 miles) from Vancouver. He would fly back and fourth between the two cities about six times and then catch an overnight flight 4,300 km (2,700 miles) to Toronto.

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What a life. "56 of the last 61 days in an airplane."