Tuesday, August 16, 2005

One wedding and a Big-Mac

IRWIN, Pa. (AP) - Do you want fries with those vows? Ken Sinchar and Lori Sherbondy have heard that and every other fast-food joke since they announced plans to marry at a McDonald's drive-thru, where they fell in love four years earlier.

On Monday night, Sinchar rolled through the drive-thru in his white minivan, just as he had done day after day, hoping to chat with "that blue-eyed brunette named Lori." But on this night, Sinchar rolled down his window, Sherbondy slid open hers and the couple grabbed hands as a district judge pronounced them husband and wife.

Sinchar was expecting to pick up a Big Mac, not a date, the first time he pulled through the Norwin Towne Shopping Center McDonald's. Sherbondy, 42, who's worked at the restaurant for eight years, said Sinchar made an impression, too.

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Well...everyone is different. As much as i like cheeseburgers, I wouldn't call it a "date," let alone marriage.