Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bluetooth headphones

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - For my money, Bluetooth technology has long been little more than a spotty solution in search of problem. Getting rid of wires around the house is an admirable goal, but Bluetooth-enabled devices invariably cost a bit more, have limited range and require extra connectivity doodads that I've been unwilling pay for.

Until now.

In October, Plantronics Inc. (PLT) will start selling the Pulsar 590, a pair of rechargeable Bluetooth-enabled headphones. The company sent me a pair to try and suddenly I can't live without them. They offer nice styling and killer sound quality extended over a range of about 50 feet from a small transmitter that can be connected to the miniplug audio output jack of any device.

The headphones cost $150 alone, $200 with the transmitter. Devices already compatible with new technology called Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, or A2DP, don't require the transmitter, but few such devices are on the market right now. More on that later.


If these weren't so expensive I would buy a pair! The first photo you see above features the new Bluetooth headphones. The 2nd photo shows the pair I currently use, and yes I know they are HUGE.