Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Super Grocery Carts?

I like most of the new technology coming out...
(AP Photo/Steven Senne)
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But these shopping carts scare me. I'm a fan of new technology...but when it comes to getting food...I like the old fashion way.

CHICAGO (AP) - New supermarket carts equipped with touch screens will guide you to the tomatoes or toothpicks, let you order deli meat without standing in line and keep a running tally of your purchases.

What they won't do is tell you how many fat grams or calories are in your cart. The idea is to make it easier for consumers to buy, not induce second thoughts that maybe you should put something back on the shelf.

The touch-screen devices are on display at the supermarket industry's annual convention, being held this week in Chicago by the Food Marketing Institute.

Want to know when this super cart will be released? Read on...