Thursday, May 26, 2005

Piracy Crackdown

Steamrollers crush confiscated pirated CDs, VCDs, and DVDs at the Philippine National Police headquarters in Manila. Rampant software piracy persists in the Philippines, costing vendors 69 million dollars in lost revenue last year, an industry association said. Pirated software accounted for 71 percent of sales in 2004, down one percentage point from the previous year, the Business Software Alliance said in a statement. Software vendors' losses however rose 14 million dollars over 2003 to 69 million dollars.



Thats an awful lot of pirated stuff!

Related Stories: Feds Shut Web Site in Piracy Crackdown

WASHINGTON -- Federal raiders. Internet pirates. Intergalactic screen adventures. The government announced a crackdown Wednesday on the theft of movies and other copyright materials that has the elements of a film plot. Federal agents shut down a Web site that they said allowed people to download the new Stars War movie even before it was shown in theaters.

The Elite Torrents site was engaging in high-tech piracy by letting people download copies of movies and other copyright material for free, authorities said. The action was the first criminal enforcement against individuals who are using cutting-edge BitTorrent software to obtain pirated content online, Justice and Homeland Security Department officials said.

[My take] I don't understand why you would download any movies online. I like being able to say "I saw Star-Wars in the theater!"