Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Man pleads his life to Bush and others

Another day another hostage taking. This one is an Australian man named Douglas Wood who has recently made his home in Danville, CA. A group calling itself 'The Shura Council of the Mujahedeen of Iraq' claimed the abduction.

The Jawa Report has a transcript- and video


Australia Responds: NO hostage negotiations

Australian Prime Minister John Howard said on Monday morning this was a moment he had dreaded, but there would be no change in his government's stance. "Everybody knows the position of the Australian government in relation to hostage demands," Howard told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio on Monday.

The terrorists won't get what they want here. What happens to Douglas? We can't begin to imagine. These people don't care about any human life...all you can do is pray. Pray we don't have another video in a week with Mr. Wood being executed. However, what you cannot do, is look down upon the Australian government for not reacting. Giving in to the terrorists will only make them stronger. Therefore, the Australian government's 'hands are tied.'