Thursday, May 19, 2005

HundredPercenter Offline

I will be waiting to see those "Breaking News" gifs again, Malachy.

Family does come first, but you will surely be missed. Some might remember, recently HundredPercenter celebrated its 1 year anniversary.

"Due to my laborious business & family schedule, I have found it extremely difficult to maintain HundredPercenter, without making sacrifices. Unfortunately, effective immediately, HundredPercenter's News website will be going offline. Over the last year, I had lots of fun maintaining HP and being a part, albeit small part, of the blogosphere.

Moreover, I have found it nearly impossible to maintain my 12 hour work days, managing other people's money, and find enough time (without it feeling like a chore) to update HP. So, I am electing to shut it down, instead of keeping it alive and have the quality of the site's content spiral down.