Thursday, April 21, 2005

Something new

Cow art

An artist in Santiago, Chile, has put a cow on top of a 10-story building as a piece of performance art. A group of artists kidnapped the cow on its way to a local slaughterhouse. The cow was then lifted by a crane to the top of the building where it will live on a 1,500 sq. ft. rooftop that has been turned into a farm. The cow will live there for one week and it will be cared for daily. The artists plan to release the cow to a nature reserve after its stay on the rooftop.

Criminal captured during hospital stay

A criminal was captured after being admitted to a hospital and put in the same room with the police officer who had been chasing him. The burglar was admitted to the hospital with appendicitis and was put in the bed next to the police officer who was recuperating after gall bladder surgery. The policeman immediately recognized the burglar because he was part of a team that was investigating him for a string of local robberies. The officer had been hunting the man for two months, and the burglar has now been moved to a secure hospital and could spend up to six months in jail after recovering from the appendicitis.
-Commonwealth Times

And this story has been floating around for a while:

Yawning Proves Costly in Courtroom

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Boredom proved costly to a potential juror who let out a loud yawn in a Los Angeles courtroom and was promptly ordered to pay a $1,000 fine. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Craig Veals found the man in contempt of court during an lengthy April 1 jury selection procedure when he waved his arms, yawned, and told the judge he was "really bored," court officials said on Wednesday.

Veals imposed a $1,000 fine but slashed it to $100 when the man protested as he turned up to pay a few days later. The man, whose identity was not revealed, was not selected to serve on a jury.