Friday, April 08, 2005

Protect Bush, then the duck!

I like Duck Cheney!

Nick Gillespie says this is our tax dollars at work.


[Note: They aren't really my tax dollars yet, but you get it right?]

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Secret Service, which has the job of guarding the president and other dignitaries, now has a new temporary duty - protecting a mother duck and her nine eggs.

The duck, a brown mallard with white markings, has had several names suggested by Treasury Department people, including "Quacks Reform,""T-Bill," and "Duck Cheney." It has built a nest in a mulch pile right at the main entrance to the Treasury Department on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Treasury Secretary John Snow stopped to pay his respects this week on the way back from a congressional hearing, Treasury spokesman Rob Nichols said Friday. "He had been briefed on the duck and he stopped to pay a visit," said Nichols.


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