Friday, March 04, 2005

Working for gas?

"All of the dynamics are in place for U.S. motorists to pay new record high prices again this year."

(Photo Courtesy: Me, but feel free to use it!)

Parents are no longer working to support their families. They are working to get gas in the car to get to work to make money to use for gas to get to work!

The average pump price for self-serve gas is currently $1.92 a gallon, about 13 cents below the all-time record hit last May, and 22 cents higher than a year ago, according to the American Automobile Association. Furthermore, oil prices are at their highest level in months and still rising. The head of the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries has said crude could get as high as $80 per barrel, up from about $54 currently. More...

One analyst has said the price of gas could shoot up by $.25 a gallon very soon. Although the AAA has said this claim isn't true...lets just see what it would be like. Going with the $1.94 price it is locally.

Regular Unleaded: $2.19
Mid-Grade: $2.28
Super: $2.38

....No more buying lunch at school Johnny!

More: Compared to the national average of regular gas, which is at about $1.92, regular was selling for $1.91 in Orlando on Friday and for $1.97 in Daytona Beach.