Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Just when I saw 11,000 coming!!!

Oil Fears Send Dow Skidding 107 Points

NEW YORK Mar 9, 2005 — Volatile oil prices and a weak dollar sent stocks sliding Wednesday as the prospect of inflation and rising interest rates sank in on Wall Street. Yields on long-dated Treasuries surged to an eight-month high and the Dow Jones industrial average skidded 107 points. A gradual acceleration of inflation and a rally in commodities have made investors increasingly nervous about stocks, as many on Wall Street predict a slowdown in corporate profits for 2005. Those concerns were in high relief Wednesday as the feeble dollar and bearish bond market combined with a rise in gold and oil prices to create a storm of selling. More...

Remember my post: Working for gas?
Well at the time of that post I showed the price locally was $1.94 and rising. Today, while coming back from my High School registration, we passed a Citgo with Regular Unleaded
at the cheap price of...(get ready for this)....$2.08! (want a smiley face animation here and will have one soon)
[EDIT] I found it:

[EDIT 2] Sorry for the no blogging yesterday. I had a story I liked but just got caught up in other things and lost it!