Friday, February 25, 2005

U.S. Jobs Going Overseas?

I am a little irritated this evening. My Aunt who worked for an Internet based company transcribing medical charts contacted her superior after two of her paychecks bounced and still no W2. She isn't too happy about her new situation. This is an excerpt of what her superior sent her “when folks like(company name) will only pay 8.5 cents a line and you figure what you get paid to transcribe plus any overhead for payroll services etc….you see why a strictly U.S. based transcription business is not long for this world. Only by substituting technology (speech recognition) and off shore labor for your hard work and knowledge can company’s stay”.

I don’t know about you, but shipping our jobs overseas isn’t cool.

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This also reminds me of the other day at school. My friend Gavin was wearing a shirt that said in BIG blue letters on the back: 'MADE IN THE USA...AND PROUD OF IT,' but when you looked at the read: Made in Hungary. Boy I sure would be proud to wear that shirt. :/