Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sorry Mike...I don't have a basement


Mike openly apologized on air and that should be accepted. He also posted something about this on his blog.

"I made the all-too-typical mistake of a broad, sweeping generalization. And I'm sorry. I should have used the word "many" in front of "are geeks cranking out crap in their basements." Because obviously many are not. Many bloggers are bright, articulate and completely accurate. In fact, the worst aspect of my mistake is the fact that so many bloggers are like-minded conservatives. I didn't need those hundreds of emails to remind me of the power of the blog in the CBS phony document scandal. I talked about it often on my show."

Blogworthy finishes story.

Bloggers are a bunch of "geeky losers in their basements cranking out crap on a computer" and that blogging provides "power for freak-shows to harass and destroy individuals."--Mike Gallagher on his radio show.

Personally I don't think any blog is 'crap,' but thats ok....and being 'geeky' isn't always bad!

Mr. Jeff Blogworthy has the scoop...and the audio. (skip to about 4 minutes 30 seconds)

Hat Tip: HundredPercenter